Leather Cleaning and Reconditioning

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Our San Francisco team has years of experience treating, cleaning and reconditioning high-end leather found in most business jets. We bring that same expertise to your home and business. Your leather will be cleaned and protected from premature drying and aging by skilled technicians and our suite of professional leather cleaning and conditioning products. Protect your investment with our services and avoid the cracking that comes with neglected, dry leather.

Leather cleaning and conditioning services

Maintain the beauty of your expensive leather with regular professional cleanings.

We use the finest quality leather cleaning products in the industry—products endorsed by the leading leather manufactures and the top leather tanneries in the world. We stand by our commitment and mission statement and our cleaning technicians are always prepared with the latest leather cleaning technology and knowledge to ensure that the Bay Area has access to top quality leather treatments at affordable rates and from a name they can trust.

Wear and tear on your leather furniture, seats, and personal belongings builds up naturally over time. In fact, many of the main stressors on your leather come from natural everyday use—oils from your body’s skin and hair slowly dull and wear on your leather, dust in the air settles deep into the pours of untreated leather, and scuffs and scratches easily appear on dry, untreated leather.

We recommend a professional grade cleaning and leather conditioning for high trafficked leather about four times a year. For tips on how to maintain your leather in between cleanings, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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