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Most of us spend a decent amount of time in our vehicles; let us help make that time a little more comfortable and refreshing. We provide on-site cleaning and detailing services for nearly every type of automotive, so you can take advantage of our services even while at home or work—the perfect solution for busy working professionals or boat care.

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Wheel well washes help make a new washing really shine.

We can also come through in a pinch if you have very specific cleaning needs for your automotive due to our years of experience cleaning carpets and upholstery in both the residential and commercial sectors. Many detailing services will focus on the exterior of your car, but Leading Edge’s trained technicians are committed to providing our customers with a total clean, which includes a deep clean on their interiors as well—a level of clean that will prolong the life of your upholstery and carpets while also eliminating contaminants and allergens that can lodge deep inside your fabrics.

In addition to what you traditionally think of as an automotive—cars, boats, and RVs—we can quote you for a thorough clean of your: yacht, truck, mobile home, truck trailer, limousine, SUV, bus, or airplane. In fact, Leading Edge is rooted within the aviation industry and we would love to service any of your needs with our highly trained professionals.

Each cleaning and detailing is tailored specifically to your automotive cleaning need, but each service can include:

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It’s the little details and small touches that make Leading Edge stand out above the rest in the San Francisco area.

  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Deep steam clean of carpets
  • Hand wash and dry exterior
  • Clean glass inside and out
  • Wheel well wash
  • Dust dash and console
  • Professional grade waxing
  • High gloss finish on the exterior
  • Polish all chrome and metal surfaces
  • … and much more.

Request an online quote or by phone, 408-345-5323, and let us bring you a new level of clean and comfort. eshing.  Take advantage of our time at your house and let us take care of the carpets and upholstery in your ride.


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Tile and Grout (Sealant Optional)

Furniture (Leather Service Available)